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The full-sized XM404G-CL. Note the ACOG 6x scope.


The XM404 Hellspawn is a general-purpose machine gun designed and produced by Phoenix Precision Firearms. Created in response to the US Army tender for a new GPMG, it is a belt-fed, open-bolt long-stroke gas-piston system chambered in either 7.62x51mm conventional NATO cartridge or the all-new 7.62x70mm PCRR caseless cartridge (Variations chambered in this one are marked "-CL"). So far, two models have been unveiled - the XM404G machinegun and its assault counterpart, the XM404A, which sports a shorter barrel and a folding stock. These are basically the same gun, and share a number of traits unique to the XM404. These are as follows: a very low-situated barrel (especially for an MG), so much that it belongs to the lower part of the reciever, a recoil mechanism situated above the barrel in the rear part of the gun's "hull", and a unique feeding mechanism. This mechanism is unusual in that instead of a feed tray with an upper cover, this machinegun uses a "magwell" on the side that accepts a feed device with multiple lips. The device allows the gunner to quickly insert it into the gun, where it feeds the belt to the push-through mechanism. When not in use, the feed device rests on belt box's hatch. The belt itself is a disintegrating one. This allowed the engineers at PPF to place the barrel lower than in most constructions; it floats just above the trigger, and thus has much less kick than, say, an M240 would. Daniel Phoenix reported that he managed to dual-wield the thing. The gun also has several fire modes: semi-auto, precision-auto @ 500 RPM, normal auto @ 775 RPM and full-auto @ 1050 RPM, although it should be said that these rates may vary due to external conditions. Aside from the "general-purpose" XM404G and "assault" XM404A, there are also the XM404M (mounted) and XM404C (coaxial). Both of these are unique in that they are made from 2 XM404s with extended barrels and a central module that manages the triggers and the ejection system. The XM404M differs from the C in that it has a scope mount on the center and 2 undermounts, as well as spade grips with oversized triggers. The XM404C, being an electrically-controlled co-axial gun, lacks those features. The massive firepower of those 2 machineguns is something no other competitors has to offer.


Name : XM404G/A 

Weight : Unloaded: 8.8 kg (XM404G), 7.9 kg (XM404A); Loaded: Varies with ammo

Length : 42.6" (XM404G), 38.2" (XM404A)

Barrel Length : 22.5" (XM404G), 18"(XM404A)

Feed System: Disint. Link feed w/feed lip device from 150-round 7.62 belt boxes.

Caliber : 7.62 NATO, 7.62 PCRR.

Muzzle Velocity : 750-950 m/s

Optimal Range : 5-600 meters

Effective Range : 900 meters (point), 1200 meters (area)

Rate of Fire : 500-1050 RPM


An XM404A machine gun.

Am XM404C twin co-axial machine gun. Note the free-floating belt - this weapon is not on a tank, so there's no place to put it.

An XM404M twin mounted machine gun. Note the rotating mount (designed for a helicopter) and the center module.