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A 2018-made PPF Thunder modified with an EOTech XPS-2 sight and a CAA FVG5 grip.


The PPF Thunder is Phoenix Precision Firearms' first shot at a modern PDW, and is loosely based off of their earlier SMG, the Advanced Machine Pistol, as well as a prototype Daniel Phoenix doesn't like to talk about. It has an in-grip magazine, a multi-positional folding+collapsing stock and 4 STANAG 4694 rails. It fires a special, armor-piercing 10mm load similar to how the PP-2000 fires armor-piercing 9mm Para. To save weight, most non-crucial parts (such as the handguard and most of the frame in general) are made of a specific Nylon composite (the type of polymer used in Glocks), while crucial ones like the barrel are made of steel and aluminum and are fine-tuned to be as durable as possible. The grip is quite short to better accommodate the quadstack magazine. It holds 50 rounds (matching the P90 and exceeding the MP7). Sporting a double-action trigger and a fire rate of 1200 RPM, this PDW is a devastating hole-puncher perfectly suited for those who are quick on the draw... Or so we thought. With no niche to occupy, the PDW was only adopted by a handful of forces and was ultimately unsuccessful. Too big for an MP and too awkward for an SMG, this gun did not last long, and quickly became obsolete. Late into its short production run, the armor penetration issue had been tackled by the .333 Sidearm cartridge, but the gun was still pretty useless.


Name : Thunder 

Weight : 1.4 kg (with empty mag)

Length : 15"/38.1 cm (Stock folded), 21"/53.3 cm (Stock unfolded, but collapsed), 24"/61 cm (full length)

Barrel Length : 8"

Magazine Size : 50 rounds

Caliber : 10mm Auto, .333 Sidearm

Muzzle Velocity : 400-900 m/s

Optimal Range : 2-200 meters

Effective Range : 400 meters

Rate of Fire : 1200 RPM


  • Accuracy : Average
  • Recoil : Below average
  • Damage : Above Average for PDWs
  • Mobility : Very High
  • Reload Speed : Average
  • Penetration : Good