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A cute little gun....

The PPF D-10 (Formerly Codename: Dimitri) is a hyper-compact pistol produced by Phoenix Precision firearms. It was designed for concealed carry.


The Dwarf-10 pistol, officially abbreviated as "D-10", is a semi-automatic, blowback-operated, integrally-compensated pistol firing the mighty 10mm Auto round. With a polymer frame, super-short barrel and a 2-fingered grip (With the mag forming a makeshift 3rd finger slot), the D-10 is the smallest and lightest gun PPF has ever made. Note from creator: It is also the only weapon I made so far using only shapes.

The D-10 has an ambidextrous safety. It is very slim, and has a single-stack 8-round magazine which makes it even thinner, and is double-action, meaning that it does not need cocking. This, combined with its compensator, makes it appealing to women and small-handed men, especially those that are not experienced with firearms.


  • Name : Dwarf-10 
  • Weight : 0.25 kg
  • Length : 5" (130 mm)
  • Barrel Length : 2.8" (Including compensator)
  • Magazine Size : 8 rounds
  • Caliber : 10mm
  • Muzzle Velocity : 360 m/s
  • Optimal Range : 1.5-40 meters
  • Effective Range : 100 meters
  • Rate of Fire : 1000 RPM (Semi-Auto only, so NO, you cannot break your wrist)