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The Beast II. Note the stylized, square-looking barrels.

The Beast II is a double-barrel pump-action shotgun developed by Phoenix Precision Firearms. It was designed for police use, but also works well in a home defense scenario. Holds the prestigious nickname of "OOMPH".


The PPF Beast II shotgun has 2 barrels (Initially over/under, the concept was quickly recycled into a side-by-side platform) and 2 side-by-side tubular internal mags. It comes in the 12-gauge, 10-gauge and 20-gauge caliber. With 2 ejection ports and 2 feed openings, the shotgun is quite hard to reload, but makes up for it with power and versatility. It has 3 firing modes: Alternating, which alternates between the 2 barrels every pump (created for people used to normal pump-actions), 2-per-pump, a mode where pumping loads 2 shots that fire one by one (Rarely used by users of other pumps, because pumping every time in this mode ejects the second, unfired shell, effectively wasting half of one's ammo) and Double mode, where pulling the trigger fires both barrels for a devastating effect on the target and an exhilarating amount of recoil, though it is somewhat mitigated by the buffer tube in the stock. The shotgun accepts any collapsible stock that fits the M4.


Name : Beast II 

Weight : 3.8 kg (unloaded), 4.5-5 kg (loaded)

Length : 39" (99 cm)

Barrel Length : 23"

Feed System: Double Tubular mag; fits 8 (2 1/2 inch length), 7 (2 3/4 or 3 inch length) or 6 (3 1/4 or 3 1/2 inch length) shotshells of appropriate caliber for a 12-16 round total (Plus one in each of the 2 chambers).

Caliber : 10-Gauge, 12-Gauge, 20-gauge

Muzzle Velocity : Varies(Depending on ammo type)

Optimal Range : 5-40 meters

Effective Range : 100 meters (point), 200 meters (area)

Rate of Fire : Infinite RPM (100 RPM when pumping between shots)