The Powerhouse

The BSR-50 (Bakhturin Sniper Rifle, .50 Cal), nicknamed "The Powerhouse" is an innovative rifle envisioned by one of Phoenix Precision Firearms' oldest and most experienced employees, Julius Bakhturin. The Russian engineer proposed the design to Daniel Phoenix, who then built the rifle and concluded that it is unbelievably effective. Bakhturin's design includes making an extremely precise .50 Caliber rifle (Using the .50 UHC round from the PPF XM63), then adding a ridiculously large anti-recoil system starting right behind the action and ending in the solid ergonomic stock. This allows the rifle to fire at an extreme (for a .50 Cal Sniper) 400 rounds per minute without injuring the user. The rifle also features a M107-style muzzle brake. Due to those enhancements, a sniper armed with this weapon can operate effectively at short ranges (And even defend themselves in close quarters), while still being able to pick off enemy personnel and materiel at long range.


Name : BSR-50 

Weight : 11.5 kg (unloaded), 13 kg (loaded)

Length : 55" (139.7 cm)

Barrel Length : 27"

Feed System: 12-round magazine

Caliber : .50 BMG, .50 UHC

Muzzle Velocity : 880-1000 m/s

Optimal Range : 100-1800 meters

Effective Range : >2500 meters

Rate of Fire : 400 RPM


  • Accuracy : Extreme
  • Recoil : Low
  • Damage : Unwithstandable
  • Mobility : Cumbersome
  • Reload Speed : Medium
  • Penetration : Destructive
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