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The MBBC (Multi-Barreled Browning Cannon), sometimes referred to as a "Macrogun" is a four-barreled .50BMG heavy artillery weapon designed by Phoenix Precision Firearms. It is their most ambitious weapon yet and is part of a joint project with several other companies to create the "Perfect Future Soldier". This gun is designed to be carried by an exoskeleton-wearing person, though its tripod permits it to be stood on the ground. It is also slated to appear on the U. S.'s next tank, LAV and several helicopter models. Like the M134 Minigun before it, this weapon has an easily-adjustable fire rate, ranging from 1500 to 4000 rounds per minute. The foregrip is stationary and is attached to the barrels via bearing to not impede the gun's performance while keeping the foregrip steady. The MBBC usually comes fited with an electric source and a tubular belt container, although it's possible to power this weapon with the suit's power source. When asked about the strange underbarrel appendage of the silhouette absent in the finished version, Daniel Phoenix, the CEO of PPF, replied: "We planned on fitting the MBBC with a grenade launcher, but then we realized that when you're shooting explosive armor-piercing bullets, you don't need one". Inside the gun's interior is a control panel, containing, among other things, a switch that indicates which of the 2 opposite buttons on the rear grip activates the gun (making it ambidextrous), and one that determines if the user has to press or hold said button to make the weapon fire. Helicopter operators typically choose the "Press once" method, while the Infantry prefers to hold it.


Name : Multi-Barreled Browning Cannon 

Weight : 38 kg (Bare-Bones), 70-80 kg (battle-ready with 2000-rnd belt)

Length : 41" (101.4 cm)

Barrel Length : 27"

Magazine Size : 500-10000rnd belt

Caliber : .50 BMG

Muzzle Velocity : 900 m/s

Optimal Range : 10-300 meters

Effective Range : 1000 meters (Hit), 1700 meters (Suppression)

Rate of Fire : 1500-4000 RPM


  • Accuracy : Great
  • Recoil : Obscene
  • Damage : Devastating
  • Mobility : None, requires Exoskeleton to be carried
  • Reload Speed : Slow
  • Penetration : Outstanding
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