The PM-60


This gun dates back to the 1950s, when Ballistic Firearms wanted to design a submachine gun. Based off the AK-47, the PM-60 was basically an AK but shooting a 9x18 Makarov pistol cartirdge. It was adopted by Malagawi forces and rebels around the world.


PM-60- Orignial submachine gun. Shoots the 9x18 Makarov and has a folding stock and wood hanguards/pistol grip.

PM-73- Designed in 1973. Shoots the 9x19mm. Gun made up of polymer, steel, and aluminum alloys.

PM-90- Designed in 1989. Shoots the 7.62x25mm. Has a fixed stock.  

PM-99- Designed in 1999 and last variant of the PM-60. Shoots the 5.7x28mm. Along with the PM-73, PM-99 is made up of polymer, steel and aluminum alloys. 


The PM-73


The PM-60 fires from a blowback operation. 

Designed: 1950s 

Designers: Ballistic Firemarms


PM-90 7.62x25mm

Caliber: 9x18 Makarov (PM-60), 9x19mm (PM-73), 7.62x25mm (PM-90), 5.7x28mm (PM-99) 

Rate of Fire: 600-700 RPM (PM-60), 900-1200 (PM-73, PM-90, PM-99), 

Muzzle Velocity: 1,050ft/s (319m/s) (PM-60), 1,300ft/s (390m/s) (PM-73), 1,230ft/s (376m/s) (PM-90), 2,350ft/s (716m/s) (PM-99)


PM-99 5.7x28mm

 System: 25, 30, 32 round straight detachable box magazine, 15 round curved magazine (PM-99) 

Iron Sight: Rear notch and front sight

Produce: 200,000 (1960-2006) 


Malagawi: Ordered 60,000 for the army in the 1960s. Now replaced by the newer PM-73 and PM-90

DC: Adopted the PM-60 in the 1970s. Replaced by MP5 in the 1990s.

LSPD: Order 10,000 of PM-73s in the 1970s. Replaced by MP5 in the 1980s. 

SFPD: Used during the San Fierro shootout in the 1990s.

Grove Street Family: Limited numbers

SFR: Only 100 were ever used during 2000s.

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