The PDC-201 (Personal Defense Carbine) is a bullpup-configured PDW meant for police and SWAT teams for its compact design and customization.



The PDC-201

The PDC-201 uses a bullpup configuration for compactness, and for an extended barrel. The barrel has a length of 507mm, and can be fitted with a suppressor if needed. The rifle has a small set of rails on the sides, an underbarrel rail set, and a full top rail to make the gun very customizable. The NATO 5.56x45 round offers greater stopping power against targets.


PDC-205 -Extended barrel variant of the 201. Made as an assault rifle alternative.

PDC-SR - Sniper variant, also uses extended barrel. Semi-automatic

PD-Tac - Tactical version of the 201, including a built in laser sight, enhanced grip, and stock.

PDC-201 Variants

PDC-201 variants; from top to bottom: PDC-205 assault rifle, PDC-SR sniper rifle, and PD-Tac, a tactical operations carbine.

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