The first Onyx Type-X produced.

The Onyx Type-X is a prototype submachinegun that fires 9mm rounds. The standard magazine holds 45 rounds, and has an affective range of over 500 meters (1640 feet). Has picatinny mounts located on the top and bottom of the handguard, as well as non-removable foregrip. Jamming is a rarity, and has been proven to fire to maximum potential in extreme climates.

The aim for Onyx is to have this weapon as Standard-Issue in militaries all over the world by 2020. The weapon can also be converted to fire 7.62mm rounds, as it uses the same bolt and lower reciever as the SCAR-L.


Because of the RIS toward the front of the gun, there is plenty of room for small scale electronics, but not enough space to occupy a ful AN/PEQ system. Stated above, there is room for internal upgrades like rechambering the gun to fire 7.62's. There is a long picatinny rail over the receiver for small optics, and the flash hider can be removed to reveal a thread for various silencers. The foregrip is fixed and unfortunately leaves no room for ergonomic upgrades.