Typical RA-AR, with ACOG.

The RA-AR (Reactive All purpose Assault Rifle) Is a 7.62mm chambered assault rifle. It weighs approx. 3 kgs and has a display screen located underneath the optics that typically shows ammo information, and a compass. Certain modified variants boast a display that senses movement ahead through a night vision camera and feeds it to the user via the display, essentially removing the need for night vision goggles. The magazine holds 32 rounds, which can keep the rifle firing for more than enough time, given the destructive capability of the round, the threat can be suppressed long before the ammuniton is exhausted.

Every weapon comes with a 4x ACOG as standard. Though this may reduce versatility and make the weapon more expensive, it makes it the weapon of choice for support gunners or designated marksmen. The ACOG can not be removed like standard optics. As this weapon is a prototype, it has received no recognition from aftermarket manufacturers and therefore has little or no attatchment options.

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