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Ares Assault Rifle

Devised by an up-and-coming member of OA's staff, the Ares a modular, compact, and devastating addition to any Operator's loadout. Firing the intermediate 5.56x45mm NATO round, from the same magazines as the currently in service M4's and SCAR-L's, the carbine can be integrated almost seamlessly into any militar - You know what. Fuck these long ass descriptions. Let's get to the gun. She's a rootin tootin forward-ejecting carbine designed with the idea to be illegal as fuck in Cali. That's right, thumbhole stock, pistol grip, semi and fully automatic fire, and STANAG compatibility. Also, she's black.

A PDW Variant is in the works for the Perpetual Weapons Competition, as the full length variant is approximately 1 inch too long to qualify. Daniel, I swear to fucking god - if you ruin this for me..

Forward ejecting bullpups ftw This is the variant entered in the perp. weapons comp. Do not vote on the following PDW

PDW Variant