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The Hard Target Interdictor is a specialised weapons loadout, optimised for a specific objective. In this case, it is intended to equip grenadiers and sniper teams to take out targets which are deemed too difficult for regular fire teams to suppress or destroy such as vehicles and light armoured units. Sniper teams equipped with this loadout could also double as a target spotter for the grenadier, calling out targets and estimating their direction and range.


After the advent of the Security Arms Kit, NS Arms Corporation decided to further expand their Specialised Loadout series of weapons. For this one, they based their loadout which could give fire teams a limited ability to provide limited direct or high-angle fire and engage light armoured units and targets over long distances.

The impetus for designing this loadout came about after seeing the HML-25 in action with the Canadian Army and the US Navy SEALs. Taking their existing knowledge of bullpup weaponry even further, NS Arms Corporation had hoped to come with a weapons loadout that will effectively engage hostile forces, while being mobile and easy to maintain.

Initial design took place in mid November 2016. The first prototype came out in early December, though further fine-tuning and tweaking is underway to improve the weapons wherever necessary. Pre-production is expected to begin by early January 2017.

Weapon Designs

The weapons in the Hard Target Interdictor loadout consist of a rifle and a grenade launcher. Both weapons are in the bullpup configuration.

The rifle is designated as the M2017 Rifle for Special Objectives (M2017 RSO). It is chambered for the .338 Lapua Magnum cartridge. Aside from regular ammunitions, it can also fire specialised ammunitions for target marking.

The grenade launcher is designated as the M2017 Objective Engagement Weapon System. It uses Neopup-patterned 20mm grenades. Various types of grenades are available, such as airburst, incendiary, and armour-piercing incendiary.

Weapon Information

  • Weight: 5.9 kg (13 lbs) [M2017 RSO]

    The fully equipped M2017 RSO.

            6.1 kg (13.5 lbs) [M2017 OEWS]

  • Length: 36 in. (91.5 cm) [M2017 RSO]

            30.5 in. (91.5 cm) [M2017 OEWS]

  • Barrel length: 26 in. (66 cm) [M2017 RSO]

                     22 in. (56 cm) [M2017 OEWS]

  • Cartridge: .338 Lapua Magnum (8.6x70mm) [M2017 RSO]

20x42mm Neopup-type grenades (M2017 OEWS)

  • Operation: Direct impingement gas operated, rotating bolt (M2017 RSO, OEWS)

    The factory version of the M2017 OEWS. The different types of grenades that are available, from top left: incendiary, air burst, and armour-piercing incendiary. Note the Grip Pod. Big thanks to skamp-_- on Flickr for the grenades and FrostRC from United Arms Tactical Inc. for the rangefinder.

  • Rate of fire: User dependent
  • Fire mode: Safe, single shot
  • Muzzle velocity: 1000 m/s (3281 ft/s) [M2017 RSO]

 400 m/s (1312 ft/s) [M2017 OEWS]

  • Effective range: 1100 m (1203 yds) [M2017 RSO]

1000 m (1094 yds) [M2017 OEWS]

  • Feed system: 10-round box magazine (M2017 RSO)

4-round box magazine (M2017 OEWS)

  • Sights: Ladder sights (M2017 OEWS), various optical sights
  • Attachments: Bipods, foregrip, laser aiming modules, suppressors