NS Arms Corporation is a private defence company based in Lublin, Poland. It also has a branch representative office in Subang Jaya, Malaysia. Its primary products are firearms, ranging from small, hand-held firearms to crew-served weapons.


The roots of the company can be traced to Dr. Andrzej Nowak, Pawel Nowak's father. He was born in Kraków in 1918. Growing up at the end of World War I, and living through the post-World War I crises, Dr. Nowak Sr. developed an interest for firearms for as long as he can remember. As soon as he finished school at 17, he began studying the art of firearms, everything from weapons operation to manufacture, at the Higher War School in Warsaw for 2 years. Due to his quick grasp of firearms knowledge, he was recruited as a weapons engineer with the Polish arms manufacturer Państwowa Fabryka Karabinów in January 1938. In just that short of time, Dr. Nowak Sr. became the the talk of the company with his general know-how about firearms, not to mention his general humility and respect for the people around him. Everything seemed well at this point, at least for him. However, the world was about to enter into yet another period of conflict. Beginning with the Anschluss, followed by the German occupation of Czechoslovakia in March 1939, Dr. Nowak Sr have seen enough. He decided to flee from Poland, fearing further German aggression. However, his fellow colleagues decided to stay, saying that the future of Poland lies with Dr. Nowak, and that they would stay behind to defend Poland. Vehemently, he took crucial documents with him, such as weapon plans, employee roster, and sales records, and he left for the United Kingdom that same month, eventually settling in London and becoming a naturalised UK citizen in 1945.

During his stay in the UK, Dr. Nowak Sr. had tried to contribute to the Allied war effort in whatever way possible, particularly in the field of firearms manufacture. Eventually, he managed to pique the interest of Holland & Holland with an idea; using captured M30 Luftwaffe drillings as a base for the manufacture of shotguns for the war effort. They agreed to this, and it culminated in the Nowak-Holland & Holland M30, which saw service with several British special units and the Polish resistance.

Despite his affinity for firearms and his pursuit to help the Allied war effort, he never neglected his duties and obligations to the people around him. He volunteered at every possible air raid shelter, tending to the wounded and the sick during the London Blitz. He also volunteered for some duties with the Home Guard until the end of the war. After V-E day, he found a job as a consultant with Holland & Holland, the company that he had worked with during the war. He would remain with the company until his death in 1998. He never married anyone throughout his life in the UK. He did adopt a teenager in 1970, Pawel Nowak, as a 15-year old. He would eventually leave for Poland to further his studies in the defence sector in 1975.


Dr. Pawel Nowak, a graduate of the National Defence University of Warsaw, was settling in Lublin when he met Mr. Ahmad Syahir, a graduate from MiDAS (Malaysian Institute of Defence and Security) who was residing in Krakow prior to moving to Lublin. The two became fast friends after Mr. Syahir was involved in a robbery one day when Dr. Nowak came to his rescue. After hearing Dr. Nowak's family background, Mr. Syahir proposed that an arms company to be opened to resurrect the Nowak family legacy. Without hesitation, Dr. Nowak agreed to it, and by August 2012, their plans are set into motion.

Being graduates of defence institutes, not to mention the feeling need to produce better weaponry for both the Malaysian Armed Forces and Polish Armed Forces, they decided to establish a company dedicated to produce firearms. Months of preparation and collecting funds led to the establishment of the NS Arms Corporation company in September 2012. As of April 2015, it has built 3 factories around Lublin, employing some 500 workers.

The primary clients for NS Arms Corporation's products are armed security forces such as Japan's Kaizen Elite Safety Team and Scotts' Special Forces from the United States of America, and military forces; namely the armed forces of Poland and the ASEAN nations, particularly the Malaysian Armed Forces.

When asked about his family, Dr. Nowak Jr. owed everything to his foster grandfather. "He taught me everything about life; how to love, care for one another, be humble, and most importantly, never throw your passion away. It'll find a way to work in good time."

NS Arms Company Logo

NS Arms Corporation company logo.


The primary products produced are firearms. The current emphasis used to be made on producing bullpup-style weapons for high ergonomic and deployability in the field; however, conventional design firearms now take precedence.


P-015 Cyrkon

Main article: NS Arms P-015 Cyrkon

The P-015 Cyrkon as designed is the first handgun in tthe history of NS Arms Corporation. It was designed in March 2015 by one of the armourers, initially as a pure experiment. The design later caught attention and the initial design was fine-tuned and the first prototype was produced in June 2015. The P-015 was then submitted for the M9 replacement contract offered by the United States Armed Forces.

Capture 204

The entire family of P-015 Cyrkon. From top to bottom: the 9x19mm Parabellum version, the 9x19mm +P overpressure version, fitted with a compensator, and the .45 ACP version, complete with a red-dot sight, supressor, and flashlight and laser module.

P-016 Kinabalu

Main article: NS Arms P-016 Kinabalu

The P-016 Kinabalu is a pistol platform currently under development and testing. It was made as a result of the company's desire to expand and experiment on their knowledge of crafting pistols from scratch.

Capture 280

Factor-fresh variant of the P-016. Note the stripped-down components (right) and the 13-round .45 calibre hollow-point ammunition.

P2016 Merdeka

Main article: NS Arms P2016 Merdeka

Capture 300

The P2016 in various forms. From left: disassembled form. Middle: Factory-fresh combat-ready form and when empty. Right: The combat-ready and empty tactical version of the P2016, with Picatinny rail, red dot sight, compensator, and laser aiming module.

The P2016 is a semi-automatic handgun. It was first designed in October 2015 before being shelved and brought back into production in March 2016 for the weapon competition. Eventually, it was seleced as the winner.

Shadow 17

Main article: NS Arms Shadow 17

The Shadow 17 is a handgun platform formed as the pioneer for the Shadow firearms series. It is the first weapon designed with the sport shooting community as the main priority.

Capture 493 (NS Arms Shadow Walker 17, Shadow Sleuth 17)


Capture 310

The two variants of the SP-1; the top one being the standard model and the bottom one being the civilian-legal model. They are chambered in custom 12-gauge rounds, with each shell containing 9 metal pellet shots.


Main article: NS Arms SP-1

The SP-1 is NS Arms Corporation's first shotgun. Its design was heavily influenced by the MAG-7.


Main article: NS Arms Stomper

The Stomper is a shotgun. It is the second shotgun in line after the SP-1 Kanang, and the first full-sized conventional shotgun to be produced.
Capture 366

The full-sized version (top) and the tactical compact fixed-stock version of the Salient Stomper. Note the heat shield on the full-sized model.

Sub-Machine Guns/Personal Defence Weapons/Pistol Calibre Carbines


Main article: NS Arms SMG-01
Capture 275

The full-sized and the compact version of the SMG-01.

The SMG-01 is the first SMG/PDW to be produced. It was designed when the staff at NS Arms looked to create a new SMG/PDW platform as a result of their previous experiences in creating weapons.


Main article: NS Arms PDW-16

Capture 363

The factory produced PDW-16 (top) and the tactical version (below) with a holographic weapons sight and a foregrip. Note the 50-round magazine and the exploded comparison between the .256 NS and the .45 ACP.

The PDW-16 is a personal defence weapon being developed by NS Arms Corporation. It is the very first purpose-built PDW to be designed from the ground up. It is designed mainly for special police units and second-line soldiers such as medical corps, military police, and artillery personnel.

Shadow Steel

Main article: NS Arms Shadow Steel

The Shadow Steel is a pistol calibre carbine designed as part of the Shadow series of firearms. The primary users intened are LE personnel and first-time shooting enthusiasts.

Capture 499 (NS Arms Shadow Strike)

The factory model of the Shadow Steel. Various parts can be swapped out according to the preference of the user, such as the magazine well (for different calibres), stock, and so on.

Assault Rifles

ANSh-15 Red Titan

Main article: ANSh-15 Red Titan

Capture 117

The standard issue ANSh-15 Chervoni Titani. Sporting a 16.3 in. (0.415 m) barrel, with a modified PK01-V red dot sight. 30-round magazine (patterned after the Beryl assault rifle) chambered in 5.45x39mm (as in the Tantal). Optional 30mm grenade launcher attached. Picatinny rail for mounting all sorts of weapon sights and electronics.

The ANSh-15 Red Titan is an assault rifle and the very first weapon produced by NS Arms. It is a manifestation of Mr. Syahir's longtime dream; bullpup-style weapons. It was produced in response to a Ukrainian request for a new assault rifle to replace the AK-74.

SG-16 Aznan

Main article: NS Arms SG-16 Aznan

Capture 282

The factory produced SG-16. From top; full-sized assault rifle, carbine with stock unfolded, and carbine with stock folded.

The SG-16 Aznan is a brand new assault rifle platform project that is currently under extensive testing. It was designed in response to a tender held by the US Armed Forces to replace the AR-15 rifle platform currently in use by the United States and various armed forces worldwide.


Capture 407 (NS Arms Ramses)

The tactical version of the Ramses. Magpul PMAG is standard for the weapon, though other STANAG-style magazines are acceptable. Note the Russian Kobra red-dot sight.

Main article: NS Arms Ramses

The Ramses is a compact assault rifle/carbine specifically designed for counter-terrorist operations and also for protection of VIPs. Its primary intended users are special forces and security forces.

Battle Rifles/Designated Marksman Rifles

ST/PT MataHelang

Main article: NS Arms ST/PT MataHelang

DMR Project

The variants of the ST/PT MataHelang. Top: full-size DMR variant. Bottom: Compact CQB variant. Both are fed from a 20-round magazine. Optional attachments include optical and telescopic sights and a bipod.

The ST/PT MataHelang is a battle rifle/designated marksman rifle. It was first unveiled in May 2015 after months of tweaking and reworking of the original prototype beginning in February 2015. It was designed in response to the tender offered by the Armed Forces of Switzerland to find a new DMR weaponry to replace its aging SG 550 rifles.

Sniper Rifles/Hunting Rifles/Sporting Rifles


Main article: NS Arms FutureSight

The FutureSight is the first sniper rifle of any kind to be produced. It marks NS Arms's entry into the purpose-built, bolt-action sniper rifle market.
Capture 313

The standard battle-equipped (top) and factory-fresh (bottom) variants of the NS Arms FutureSight. Primarily chambered in .338 Lapua Magnum fed from a 5-round magazine.

Moon Hunter

Main article: NS Arms Moon Hunter

Capture 387

The factory version of the Moon Hunter. Comes standard with Russian-style optical sight mount. Note the SVD Dragunov-style stock and cheek rest and rubber butt shoulder padding.

The Moon Hunter is a bolt action sporting rifle/hunting rifle. It is notable for being the first weapon designed specifically for the civilian market rather than for military and/or law enforcement.


Main article: Delta Arms/NS Arms DSR Mk.1

The DSR Mk.1 is a sniper rifle originlly produced by Delta Arms. A remade version was produced following the acquisition of a license by NS Arms Corporation.
Capture 402 (DELTA DSR Mk1 Remake)

The NS Arms remake of Delta Arms Mk.1. Among the changes include an indent for the hand grip and a different stock.

Shadow Scout

Main article: NS Arms Shadow Scout

The Shadow Scout is a multi-purpose bolt action rifle. It was designed from scratch to function a primarily as a scout rifle, a weapon concept first promulgated by Jeff Cooper.

Capture 498

Machine Guns

MG-16 Komorowski

Main article: NS Arms MG-16 Komorowski

The MG-16 is the first machine gun of any kind to be produced by NS Arms Corporation. It was designed in conjunction with a contract offered to find a replacement for the M240 in the general-purpose machine gun role.

Capture 314

The infantry variant of the MG-16 Komorowski. The top variant is the assault variant. The bottom variant is the primary full-sized infantry variant. Also featured are some of the accessories available for this weapons system, such as alternate handguard, heat shield with Picatinny rail, bipod, and a carry handle.

SSW-16 Fusillade

Main article: NS Arms SSW-16 Fusillade

Capture 371

The basic model of the SSW-16 Fusillade, fitted with bipod and 100-round drum magazine. Note the custom reflex sight currently in prototype stage produced by NS Arms Corporation.

The SSW-16 Fusillade is a light machine gun/squad support weapon currently in production at NS Arms Corporation. It is designed to give infantrymen devastating firepower over a short period of time while maintaining the mobility and ease of usage that is expected from a support weapon.

Heavy Weapons/Crew-served Weapons

WKW Orzeł

Main article: NS Arms WKW Orzeł

The WKW Orzeł is the first heavy firearm produced by NS Arms. It is primarily used as an anti-materiel rifle, but it can also be used as a long-range anti-personnel rifle. It was produced in response to a competition to find a replacement for the Barrett M107 anti-materiel rifle that was held by the US Department of Defense.

Capture 198

The standard model of the WKW Orzeł. It is chambered for the .50 BMG (12.7x99mm NATO) round and the 12.7x108mm round. Fitted with a Trijicon TR22 telescopic sight; other sights can be mounted as well. Optional equipments include a carrying handle and a bipod. Note the fire selector.

EX-6P62 Barsuk

Main article: NS Arms EX-6P62 Barsuk

The EX-6P62 Barsuk is designed purely as an experimental project. It is virtually similar to the original Russian design with some modification added to it. It is primarily used as an anti-materiel rifle, but can also be used for other heavy works as well, such as explosives disposal and as a defensive weapon, especially at checkpoints.

Capture 256

The EX-6P62 Barsuk, as close to the original as it can be. Fed from either a 10-round or 15-round magazine. Note the carry handle.

Capture 325

The variants of the PG-1. Top is the infantry variant. Bottom is the vehicle-mounted variant. Note the adjustable ladder sights.

PG-1 Piorun

Main article: NS Arms PG-1 Piorun

The PG-1 is a crew-served grenade launcher. It was built from scratch utilising the knowledge that the armourers had previously gained in producing the Granatnik wz. 15, their first grenade launcher.

MOR-1 Serombong Maut

Main article: NS Arms MOR-1 Serombong Maut

The MOR-1 Serombong Maut is an infantry mortar developed by NS Arms Corporation. It is the first mortar ever to be produced.

Capture 175 (NS Arms MOR-1)

The production model MOR-1. Among the projectiles compatible with this weapon include, from top left; explosive shells, right; smoke shells, and bottom; illumination rounds. Note the collimator sight with targeting computer.

SAR-2 Adnan

Main article: NS Arms SAR-2 Adnan

The SAR-2 Adnan (Special Applications Rifle-2 Adnan, named after Adnan bin Saidi, a Malaysian and Singaporean World War II hero) is a multi-purpose rifle produced by NS Arms Corporation. Its primary use is for anti-materiel objectives, but it can also be utilised in other roles such as long-range sniping, counter-sniper role, and ordnance disposal.

Capture 454

The common equipment mounted on the SAR-2 Adnan. The factory model comes with an integral accessory rail on top of the receiver; users can add their own preferences according to their requirements.

XM-17 Needler

Main article: NS Arms XM-17 Needler
Capture 477 (NS Arms XM-17 Needler)

The current prototype of the XM-17. Note the fire control/target acquisition scope reminiscent of the XM25.

The XM-17 Needler is an experimental grenade launcher currently undergoing testing at NS Arms Corporation. It is designed as an affordable and conventional alternative to the M2017 OEWS.

Other Weapons

Rigor Mortis

Main article: NS Arms Rigor Mortis

The Rigor Mortis is the first knife-type, non-firearm weapon produced. It consists of several variants of machetes and knives useful for self-defence, survival tool, and so on.

Capture 1

The machete version of the Rigor Mortis. Variants shown here are the cutting blade version and the combination of the cutting blade and a saw-tooth blade.

Capture 2

The knife version of the Rigor Mortis. Variants shown here are the cutting blade and the cutting blade-saw tooth combination.

Bisikan Maut

Main article: NS Arms Bisikan Maut

The Bisikan Maut is the second knife-type weapon produced. It is a spring-loaded ballistic knife capable of launching a specialised blade of other lethal or useful items.
Capture 341

The variations of the NS Arms Bisikan Maut. Shown here are the different-coloured blades, ranging from overall dark grey, dark grey over light grey, light grey over dark grey, and overall light grey.

Security Arms Kit

Main article: NS Arms Security Arms Kit

The Security Arms Kit is an experimental concept incepted by Dr. Nowak and Mr. Syahir. It is generally a weapons loadout optimised for close-quarters combat, VIP protection, maritime security, and counter-terrorism operations. Its intended consumers are special forces and security companies engaged in said operations.

Capture 410

The NS Arms Lygophobia as part of the Security Kit loadout. Influences from AK-style rifles are apparent. Variant pictured chambered in 5.45x39mm. Note the Kobra sight. Special thanks to KKP-Closed...maybe? O_o on Flickr for the magazine inspiration.

Capture 414 (Security Kit)

The NS Arms Komar as part of the Security Kit loadout. Note the charging handle at the bottom of the receiver, suppressor, and red-dot sight.

Hard Target Interdictor

Main article: NS Arms Hard Target Interdictor

The Hard Target Interdictor is a specialised weapons loadout, optimised for a specific objective. In this case, it is intended to equip grenadiers and sniper teams to take out targets which are deemed too difficult for regular fire teams to suppress or destroy such as vehicles and light armoured units.
Capture 423

The fully equipped M2017 RSO. Note the prototype Grip Pod-style combined bipod/foregrip.

Capture 422 (M2017 OEWS)

The factory version of the M2017 OEWS. The different types of grenades that are available, from top left: incendiary, air burst, and armour-piercing incendiary. Note the Grip Pod. Big thanks to skamp-_- on Flickr for the grenades and FrostRC for the rangefinder.


Main article: NS Arms Hornet

The NS Arms Hornet is a machine pistol/carbine currently manufactured by NS Arms Corporation. It is the first weapons system to be made with youth and first-time shooters in mind; as such, most of the design was geared towards recoil controllability and manageable weight.
Capture 481 (NS Arms Hornet)

The factory verions of the Rider (top) and Youth (bottom) variants of the NS Arms Hornet.

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