The Ms-39 with two 11x81mm (+P+ UHMP) MWC rounds

(By: Thekilla)

The MS-39 is an advanced sniper system chambered in 11x81mm. The weapon is almost always issued with 11x81mm +P+ UHMP (Ultra High Magnum Pressure), but can be used with standard pressure rounds (bolt action only). It was introduced in 2054 to the Atland Army, since 2062 it has also been exproted.

The weapon is semi-automatic when useing UHMP ammunition, it uses a long recoil system with a rotating bolt and barrel, the barrel and bolt assembly recoil back about 120mm (5 inches) when the weapon is fired. When firing low pressure rounds the barrel recoils back but does not pick up a new round, the action must be cycled manually by the user. When the handle is rotated 90 degrees upwards the recoil spring is disengaged, then the handle is pulled back ~120mm ejecting the empty case, then pushed all the way forward and being turned back to its original position. The weapon can be modified to fire fully automatic by making minor modifications to the trigger assembly, when firing fully automatic the fire rate is ~200 RPM due to the heavy barrel.

The weapon uses a bullpup configuration to enhance stability, the grip is placed exactly at the centre of gravity of the weapon. This allows for easier firing from standing or crouching positions. Also it shortens the length of the weapon significantly. The sight mounting doubles as a carrying handle.

The Ms-39 is one of the most accurate sniper rifles to date with shot groupings of 0.05 MOA at 1500m, compared to 1.4 MOA at 100mm for an M24. At 3000m the accuracy is about 0.1 MOA and at 5000m 0.2 MOA. The maximum effective range against human targets is ~5000m but the 11mm round remains supersonic at ranges exceeding 8000m so the round has a potential to have effective ranges of 8 km with a specialized weapon.

General Specifications

Weight: 12kg

Length: 1255mm

Barrel length: 900mm

Cartridge: 11x81mm

Operation: Long recoil, rotating barrel

Rate of Fire: Semi-Auto (200-220 rpm when modified for full auto)

Muzzle velocity: 1500m/s

Effective Range: 5000m with scopes

Feed system: 7 round box

Sights: 4-25x zoom Telescopic sight

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