• Bam-Bam's AR-15. Bam-Bam is a character of mine. Read more about my characters n stuff in my article.
  • A AK-47 that has been shortened, thus making it a carbine. Uses various Magpul parts.
  • The M178 DSR "Dragon Slaying Rifle", Is normally designated to Dragon slaying snipers. The carrying handle is for people used to AR-15 type weapons.
  • The AR209; A 7.62mm Assault rifle remingscent of the classic M16, with a stock well suited for AK users and a selection of 3 colours.
  • AR209 colour option #2
  • AR209 colour option #3.
  • The Infinity Co. Tactical Silenced Assault Rifle 15 is a special weapon based on the M4. It is said that a powerful being owns 1 of these guns.
  • A Barrett 98 Bravo/MRAD. With scope.
  • My favorite handgun. The Beretta M9.
  • A Glock 17. With silencer and flashlight module. Very slightly edited in GIMP on the silencer.
  • An M4A1 modified for police and civilian use as a PDW.
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