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  • Hey SmilingWolf, I noticed that you edit your page from time to time, and I was wondering, why you do not participate or do not even chat with us. I hope you are not just reading your page again and again, hahaha. So I would like to ask you to atleast chat with us, as we are a cool community, and I would not like you to miss out on this community growth.

    Best regards, Deim

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    • I remember when I came on here in either March or February I think it was only Deim, Kyle, and UV00 active. Now we have more gunsmiths. Awesome.

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    • Haha, hey! Yeah, well I was under the impression that PMG is pretty much dead, so once in awhile I tweak a few things on my page where I think the writing can flow a little better or update some information. If the PMG guys would have updated their project I would definitely be more active. But there's also real-life concerns (looking for a new job atm) so I can't always be around.

      So, if you want to chat just drop me messages like this and I can impart my enthusiastic (though limited) gun knowledge on y'all! And yeah: Zombies! Always love zombies. 

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    • Someone should either make a new version of PMG or update PMG. The new version would have more things and would be updated at least once a week. :( Too bad Dr. Noob fell off the face of this planet.

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