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A G6.V rifle with American accessory rails

DISCLAIMER: Any resemblance to real-life companies is purely coincidental. This weapon was also made with an alternate timeline in mind.


The G6 rifle was the main service rifle of the Imperial Defense Force of Germany from 1953 to 2018.

The weapon is a rolller-delayed blowback, select-fire, magazine-fed, air-cooled battle rifle chambered in the venerable 7.92x57mm Mauser round. It has been adopted for varying periods of time by over 20 countries.

Original G6.1 and G6.II

The original G6 rifle (Designated G6.I) was designed in 1953. It was the first German fully-automatic battle rifle, and featured a modern assembly. The primary material was aluminum. With a 20" barrel and comfortable stock, the rifle was extremely stable and accurate in semi-automatic mode, but less so in full-auto, where its powerful 8mm Mauser round made it quite wobbly.

A regular G6.II rifle

The G6.II, an urgent performance upgrade made in 1962, added a huge built-in muzzle brake and a 2x magnification scope on 2-position side mount (The 2 positions being either in use or not in use), which made both firing modes much more versatile and comfortable.

Second Generation: G6.III and G6.IV

The second generation of G6 came with the G6.III in 1973, which indtroduced the MG6 (Maschinengewehr/Squad support variant with drum magazine and quick-remove long heavy barrel) and K6 (Karabiner/light carbine with folding stock) along with functional version-specific handguards and an all-new straight stock for both the basic rifle and the machine gun versions. In view of the improved control provided by straight stocks

A K6.IV with both the old 20-round and the new 36-round magazine.

and the now-iconic muzzle brake, the firing rate for the G6.III was increased from 500 to 650 rounds a minute. The G6.IV, introduced in 1985, officially adopted the use of a long 36-round magazine and heavy barrels for ordinary rifles.

Last Generation: G6.V

The final generation, the G6.V, was adopted in 2002. This update simply added factory support for both European and American accessory rails (And thus did away with the scope mount) and introduced a collapsible cheek rest-equipped stock; furthermore, the barrel was shortened from 500 to 400 mm.


  • Name : Mauser Gewehr 6
  • Weight : 2.6-4.5 kg
  • Length : 32.3" (821 mm; collapsed K6) to 48.4" (1230 mm; MG6.III
  • Barrel Length : 12" (K6), 16" (G6.V), 20" (G6.I-IV), or 24" (MG6)
  • Magazine Size : 20 or 36 rounds (box); 51 rounds (drum)
  • Caliber : 8x57mm Mauser
  • Muzzle Velocity : 700-1000 m/s, depends on load and barrel length
  • Optimal Range : 50-600 meters
  • Effective Range : 1300 meters
  • Rate of Fire : 500 RPM (G6.I-II), 650 RPM (G6.III-V)

Cartridge Specifications

Name : 8x57mm Mauser

Bullet diameter: 8.22 mm

Neck Diameter: 9.1 mm

Shoulder diameter: 10.95 mm

Base diameter: 11.94 mm

Rim diameter: 11.95 mm

Case length: 57 mm

Overall length: 82 mm

Rifling Twist: 1 in 9.45" (240 mm)

Standard loads: 180 gr hard steel @ 900 m/s (4700 J)


A K6 at the ready

A G6MG. Note the heat shield-like handguard and barrel carry handle.