The Matsutani-Mechanics Experimental Magnetically Propelled Individual Combat Weapon System Twenty-One, more colloquially referred to as the Matsutani XMP ICWS M07, or the most common term, the Matsutani M07, was a coilgun designed weapon designed by Matsutani-Mechanics in the year of 2027. It was part of a secretive program known as Project Ferro, a codeword for the M07, due to the projectiles which it fired being Ferromagnetic bullets.

The M07 uses Magnetic Acceleration, or Gauss Power, to function. The base rifle uses a series of electromagnetic fields to fire rounds at an impressive speed, even at ranges up to more than 1500 yards. The gun fires the more common 5.56x45 rounds, though produces them with extreme velocity, causing a considerably greater amount of stopping power than would be normally found in a 5.56 round. It also greatly increases the range, even causing a slight amount of explosive effect upon contact.

Aside from the advantages, the M07 is not perfect. The rate of fire of the weapon is slow, having to crank the bolt a full 360 degrees around to chamber a shot. It also requires the bullets to be loaded into a special magazine which energizes and magnetizes the rounds before chambering. The magazine also only holds a mere six rounds, requiring the user to often have to load cartridges into the magazine. Along with this, there is quite a bit of recoil, causing the user a bit of trouble firing in a standing position if he/she is on the lighter side, however the recoil is not nearly as much as say, the Barrett M82 , which would shatter almost any arm if not fired from a prone position. The weapon also happened to be quite loud, making the M07 ineffective for stealth operations. Lastly, due to the magazine using heat to produce energy, rounds will, on rare occasions, explode from the heat, causing the entire magazine and a part of the rifle, along with the user's hand, to be destroyed and burnt from the blast.

Though the Gauss Rifle has many faults, it is quite effective in a trained hand, by 2045 most special forces units having a denoted Gauss technician, all due to it's long range and impressive stopping power, along with the amazing speed and common use of the round.