The custom made M IV. The only one in the world.

The Mark IV is a leftout weapon in progress which never saw its dawn. It is made by "Tactical Weapon Industries Inc." As a gun made only by spare parts. It was a top secret project which only people who were trusted knew about. The reason why the project was abandoned is unknown. But in March 2011 TWI (Tactical Weapon industries) Suffered a devestating blow. Its HQ was bombed and most of the Workers, including the CEO himself were killed, and only 17 of 6,000 workers bodies were found. This is obviously the reason as you may think, but a SEAL who operated in the area found a gun, on a wall, written with tape. The name was only found as "M IV" and taken back to a SEAL outpost for research. The new soldier Pvt. Barnings looked at the weapon. Lefting out the part that he was the only one of the survivors of the TWI bombings. He was actually a high standing worker at TWI. Actually you could say he was the CEOs right hand. When he looked at the weapon, he asked if he could take a look. Even though a secret mysterious weapon isn't trusted in newcomers hands, Barnings was given permission to look at the weapon. He dropped it on the floor, showing its hard and high quality plastic that was made for the gun.


Barnings knew quite alot about the gun, saying its unique mechanism. Its looks like a bolt action gun, with the bolt handle touching the stock. He said the mechanism works like this: When the gun is fired the bolt goes automaticly up, letting out the bullet with springs that react to the trigger and the bolt. When the bullet gets out of the barrel, the bolt goes down. The big 7.62x54mm is reserved for the gun. Altough a heavy weapon, its light plastic eases the weight. Tested on the range, it proved quite low recoil, and by the soldiers thoughts, it feels like a 9mm pistol he is shooting. Also showing that its recoil and weight are compeletly perfected by the Soldiers wishes.


Barnings said the truth of his TWI history, saying the guns parts inside out. With Barnings help he recieved the Bronze star, for making a perfect weapon for the U.S army and its allies. Now, after all of that rubble, the Mark IV will finally see its dawn.