MP24A1 default

The standard MP24A1 with its 40 round box magazine.

By: Thekilla

The MP24 is a series of modularly designed machinepistols chambered in 5.7x23mm made by MWC. It operated using a single-roller delayed blowback mechanism that is gas assisted to boost the rate of fire. Its modular design allows the user to mount silencers, extended barrels, stocks, sight rails, and many other accessories that may be useful on the field.


The MP24 features a light polymer body, externally quite similar to the FN Five seveN. It uses the delayed blowback operation system which is gas assisted to increase the rate of fire from 800 to 1300 RPM. The blowback is delayed , in a similar fashion to the G3 and MP5, but instead the single roller is mounted on the underside of the bolt-slide assembly. The gas is tapped from the end of the barrel, and uses a direct impringement system. It is interesting to note that the slide doesn't move while firing, the bolt can be forced forward by pulling back the slide, then pushing the slide forward while holding the slide lock.

The pistol is selective fire, with the safety/fire selector located above the trigger. A short rail is featured under the barrel to provide space to mount acessories such as lasers and flashlights, vertical foregrips are also used commonly. The rail can be either an A-18 pistol rail, the standard rail for Atland forces, or the picattiny rail.


This is a list of most attachments MWC offers for the MP24 and other compatible pistols.


80mm barrel extention

Longer barrel to increase accuracy. Screws on to the standard barrel or other extended threaded barrels, this barrel is threaded to allow for other attachments to be used.

100mm barrel extention

Longer barrel to increase accuracy. Same as 80mm version, longer.

Muzzle devices

Silencers, flash hiders, and compensators


Screw on silecer to reduce fire noise, screws on to the standard internal thread of 5.7mm barrels.


Screw on flash compensator/muzzle break, reduces recoil by up to 60%. Screws on to 5.7mm thread.

General info/statistics