The first of its kind, the Matsutani Mechanics Holdout Techniques Collapsible Personal Defense Weapon was a small, compact pistol that fired a .22 Long Rifle round. It was designed as the prototype for the Matsutani category of weapons known as "Holdout Techniques", the weapon designed to be concealable if being searched in a pat down or, hence the name, entry into a casino with a cheating device. The HT CPDW, known by the populous as the HTC1, the small pistol was collapsible, the longbarrel fading into the slide, which could then merge with the grip/mag to produce a small, rectangular object, something that one could hide almost anywhere. And with the sole touch of a button, the weapon could unfold and be ready for use almost instantly.

Though the HTC1 was praised for its ability to remain undetected by a pat down or light search, it was also at the head of controversy about its kind, being that people could smuggle the gun aboard low-rate planes or shuttles, which caused an even larger uproar by anti-weapon fanatics. Though this was so, the early weapon was still mass produced, the light plastic frame (aside from the barrel) making it perfect for a holdout weapon.

Aside from the advantages to it, the HTC1, being the first collapsible pistol, was very common to jamming, due to the barrel system getting locked when collapsed, and sometimes not completely unlocked when the weapon was un-collapsed. It also fell apart quite easily, the frame being made of plastic, only the internal parts and barrel being made of metal.

Throughout the decades as it came, the HTC1 was commonly used by everyone on Earth, becoming one of the most popular pistols of the 21st century, even with its flaws.