MHAT-50 (Standard Variant)

The Mountable Heavy Assault Turret 50. Caliber, or MHAT-50 for short, is turret that can be mounted on vehicles such as HUMVEEs and Little Bird Helicopters as the MHATA1. The original MHAT-50, however can also be carried by a soldier, although it is impossible to shoot while carrying it due to the lack of a stock and handguard. This requires it to be placed on the ground before use. It has three barrels, which don't spin like a mini-gun; instead, to maintain the fire rate of a mini-gun but without the overheating effects, it fires the first bullet through the first barrel, the second barrel fires the second bullet, and so on. This drastically reduces the probability of the weapon overheating. It is belt fed from a large magazine below the main reciever of the weapon, it holds 150 x .50 Caliber rounds. To fire more than 150 bullets, a second soldier can manually feed the weapon the ammunition. The trigger configuration is in the rear reciever of the weapon. It is a standard configuration with a lever safety and trigger guard.
MHAT-50 (Custom Gun)

The MHAT-50 firing.

A laser module is placed of the barrels which can help increase accuracy without the use of sights. Sights can be equipped to the Picatinny rail mounts although because of the recoil and smoke produced, it is recommended to only use the laser module.


MHAT-50 - Infantry carried, deployable, belt fed, turret.

MHATA1 - Version equipped on vehicles such as HUMVEEs or Helicopters, signifagantly larger magazine that other variants.

MHATA1 (Custom Gun)

The MHATA1 Firing. In this situation, it would be equipped on a vehicle.

MHAT SAW - Infantry carried, Squad Assault Weapon capable of being fired by infantry without being deployed. Also has the addition of iron sights, a stock and a foregrip, but without the laser module.
MHAT SAW (Custom Gun)

The MHAT SAW firing. In this situation, a soldier would be wielding the weapon.

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