The Troster MGK12

Made by a new company called, "Troster", the MGK12 was based off of the popular WWII British Bren gun. Some said that this is a modernized American version of the Bren gun. With a 75 round magazine carrying 7.62x39mm, or 5.56x45 ammo, and firing over 700 rounds per minute, the MGK12 was nicknamed "The Bullet Chewer". With a 21 inch barrel, the MGK12 can fire over 3,000 feet. The Bullet Chewer can shoot regular AK mags, and M4 mags. The MG comes with an unremovable grip, a folding bipod, and detachable carrying handle. The iron sights are very much like the M249 machine gun.

The MGK12 is still in development, and is predicted to be finished near 2017.


The emblem of Troster Firearms

Troster firearms was founded by John Troster on January 22nd, 2012. John hired exactly 100 people to make weapons that were designed for squad use in the battlefield. The idea came when the M249 Para, and the M249 SAW (Squad automatic weapon) were released, and Troster thought of the idea of the MGK12. Troster thought that the weapon was great, but took a lot of time reloading the weapon. He also made the weapon compatible with normal magazines, like the M4 magazines, and AK type magazines. The MGK12 magazines hold 75 round, and shoots both 7.62x39mm, and 5.56x45mm.

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