The Modern Assault Carbine, or MAC, is a Carbine chambered in 5.56 NATO Rounds. It has a fire rate of 900 RPM and has an adjustable stock to increase mobility and accuracy. It is lightweight and can be easily be carried by hand without much strain on the user. Also, a gas block helps greatly reduce recoil and be more accurate at longer range. It can be switched between Fully-Automatic and Semi-Automatic by the high-tech buttons replacing the lever safety. Picatinny Rail Mounts on top of the weapon allows for optics to be attached. Because of this, the rear sight is foldable although the front sight is mounted and cannot be removed. Also, because of the handguard, attachments such as foregrips, underbarrel launchers, and laser sights cannot be attached without replacing it with a handguard with Picatinny rail mounts. Similarly, because of the gas block, a longer barrel is needed to equip suppressors and muzzle breaks.
MAC 5.56 (Custom Gun)

The MAC 5.56.

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