M56 Battle Rifle

The M56, with 20-round mag.

The M56 is a battle rifle developed by Darkstar Weapons Systems, using a piston system to fire 7.62x51 NATO rounds. The standard variant is equipped with a fixed stock, folding sight, and rail system. The standard variant is equipped with a 20- inch barrel.


M56 Para

M56 Carbine

The M56 Para is a short variant of the M56

The M56 Para is a shorter variant of the M56. It features a 13- inch barrel, folding sight, folding stock, and shorter rail mount.



The M56 LMG with heat shield

A variant of the M56 with thicker barrel, bipod, heat shield hanguard, and belt-fed capability was produced as a replacement for the M240 , and was labled the M56 LMG(Ligh Machine Gun). This weapon has replaced only some of the 240s in the US Armed Force's arsenal,although it is still being introduced.

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