M4a1 invasion
Utilizing elements from the M4/M16 series, the M4A1 "Operator" is a force not to be reckoned with. Featuring an AN-PEQ/2 Flip-Scope to aid a Magpul Holo sight, it was used by Delta Force operators during the Russo-Spetsnaz invasion of New York City in 2016

Use in the military

Created by Barrett firearms in 2014, the M4A1 "Operator" has been the most reliable assault rifle to Delta Force operatives since the invasion of New York City.

Before the invasion, it was a prototype firearm only seen in research facilities spread out among the main military countries: America, Germany, the UK, and France. All of the countries immediately denounced it obsolete besides America, for it had a very high production cost and used many materials.

Interview with a G.I.

During a recent interview with PMG Weekly, Michael Joncas, an ex-Delta Force Operative, consults his experiences during the New York invasion.

"I woke up that morning at around 7:00. It was a long drive to work. On my way down, I looked toward Ground Zero. There were, like, parachutes, or something. All of the sudden, there was this giant explosion. My car swerved off to the side, and I had to walk to the station."

What Michael witnessed, was the first initial explosion from an MQ-9 Reaper, which was stolen by KGB forces earlier that year.

"I finally got to the station. There were soldiers running all over the place. I jogged into the station, and met up with some fellas in my squad, Whiskey. They were all crowded 'round a radio, listening to a guy on the radio saying 'Code Black, Code Black'. I was handed a gun, and my Commanding Officer said, 'Here, it's a new version, but it'll do.'. We ran into the streets, cars burning everywhere, corpses on the ground. It was awful. I remember encountering our first enemy. They were in black, red, and white camo, I think they were Spetsnaz. I pulled up the Flip Scope, which helped tremendously. There wasn't much recoil, and the gun was very lightweight."

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