M47 Beretta Phoenix Shotgun

My M47 Phoenix Shotgun by ISA Follower

Made by: ISA Follower

The M47 Phoenix Shotgun is  a shotgun that is designed for urban and close-range combat.

Created recently on January 2013, the M47 comes with unique safety features such as being fired only if the hand print on the grip and trigger matches that of the user or being fired by any person, whitch is enabled only by the user via voice command.The shotgun also adapts to different shotgun shells, but often uses the 8 and 12 gauge shells which were developed by both Enfield and Beretta.

 Basic information

Shotgun Shell

A 12 gauge Soelkraft Hippo Enfield shotgun shell

Although manufactered by the stand-alone company of New Conglomerate Armories located in Hamburg, Germany, the weapon itself was created through the assistance of diffrent future force programs such as the IdZ, a German future soldier program and Project TYTAN, a Polish future force program. The M47 is a military and law enforcement weapon, often used for combat or as a training weapon. Introduced to all the branches of all armies across the globe, it was much favored for the light-weight, reliability and stopping power. The weapon itself was so simple that over 10 500 weapons could be manufactered when the company was at its peak.

Operation: All Down from Heaven

During February 4, 2013, 10 U.S Airforce Boeing C-17 Globemaster IIIs were flying over Ethiopia, on the border close to Somalia followed by a fighter escort of 3 F-16s and 7 F-22s. At exactly 2300 hours, the US High Command lost contact of all 20 aircraft.

A U.S Navy Seal squad was sent to investigate but never reported back. The High Command publicly declared all were lost but secretly employed the CIA and Black Water Security  to keep on searching. Both companies sent 14 CIA  agents and 30 BWC mercs . After 3 weeks , 8 months  and 14 days, the team was able to locate the cargo; it was captured by the ruthless and weathy warlord Shehele Waraabe, a leader of a huge drug cartel and was also supported by other warlords and cartels.

Fortunately, the team returned with most of the cargo, containing at least 85% but at the expense of 25 men. The U.S High Command has not yet released this information publicly and currently considers this classified.

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