The M35 SMG (or sometimes called the M1935) is a submachine gun that was made by the Rickard Armory. It was designed in response for a cheaper alternative to the Thompson SMG for the US military beginning in 1938, and was manufactured in somewhat limited numbers. It was spirtually succeeded by the Spectre SMG.


The M35.


The U.S. military adopted the Thompson SMG as their main submachine gun. While it was a good weapon, it was rather expensive to produce, even after the design kept being simplified towards the end of the war, as a Thompson's price tag was around $160, and a Browning M1919 belt-fed GPMG usually had a price tag of $55. Meanwhile, Stanley Rickard, a weapons designer at the Springfield Armory in Springfield Massachusetts, decided to come up with his own creation, and eventually, in 1937, after a feud with some Springfield Armory workers and the founding of his own armory, Rickard Armory, his design was completed, and named it the M1935. When the U.S. military announced it was looking for SMG's to succeed the Thompson, Stanley entered his weapon in the tender, but, it didn't win. He tried several other times to get it into the U.S. military, and eventually, it became one of the weapons selected for the Lend-Lease Act. It also saw some service by police forces until it was replaced by newer weapons.


  • Barrel is 12 inches long.
  • Chambered for the .45 ACP cartridge, and is fed via a 25-round magazine.
  • Designed in 1934, produced from 1937 to 1945.
  • Effective range is around 200 meters.
  • Rate of fire is around 600 RPM.
  • Weighs 6.4 pounds.
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