The M1944 Light Machine Gun is an LMG that was made by the Rickard Armory. It was designed in response to the effectiveness of the German MG 42, and mainly competed against the Browning M1919A6, the Johnson M1941 LMG, and the Bodan & Adams MG44. It also competes in the 16th cycle of the 1st Perpetual Competition of the PMG Wiki.

M1944 LMG

The M1944 LMG.


After forming his company and finishing his two weapons, everything seemed to be going alright for Stanley Rickard. However, in 1942, there were reports of U.S. soldiers coming across a new machine gun; Hitler's Buzzsaw, or the MG 42. The U.S. Army needed a new machine gun that would combat the MG 42, so Rickard got to work on a new weapon; unfortunately, because of some medical issues, he was only able to start designing the weapon in early 1944, and rushed to have it finished. By then, one of his competitors, the M1919A6, had already entered service in the U.S. military in Europe. By late 1944, he finished his design, which he named the M1944. Unfortunately, the extensive testing by the U.S. military proved to be too much for the M1944, as the weapon had been extremely unreliable (due to the fact that the weapon was rushed into production) and also by the fact that its performance was less controllable than the M1919A6 and the Johnson LMG. Because of its poor performance in testing, the weapon was rejected from use by the US military, and never saw any sort of usage outside of the US.


  • Barrel is 24 inches long.
  • Chambered for the .30-06 Springfield cartridge, and was fed via a belt link similar to the M1919.
  • Designed in early 1944, produced only in 1944.
  • Effective range is around 1000 meters .
  • Rate of fire is around 500 to 750 RPM
  • Weighs 25.9 pounds.
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