The design of the M17 EBR is that it is a gas operated gun. It uses the gas impingement (like the AR15/M16 family). It shoots the 7.62x30mm. 


Type: Semi-Auto Rifle 

Year designed: 2010-2015

Produce: 2016-

In service: 2018- 

Numbers Built: 100,000+

Wars: N/A


Action: Gas operation, rotating bolt

Caliber: 7.62x30mm 

Weight: 7.3lbs unloaded, 8.5lbs loaded

Length: 35in (stock retracted) 42in (Stock extended) 

Barrel Length: 20in barrel 

Muzzle velocity: 2,985ft/s (910m/s) 

Rate of Fire: N/A

Range: 500m (iron sights), 1000-1250m (Scope) 

Feed System (round capacity): 20 and 30 rounds 

Sights: Iron sights; adjustable sights 

Cost per units: $1,200 per unit (US Dollar) (420 Cr) (Aughad crots)

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