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The M144 General purpose machine gun is an upgrade/retrofit of the M240 made available by Kravi Solutions. First pioneered with the IDF as a means for upgrading their MAG machineguns as a way to extend the lifespan of the crew serviced and squad weapons, it entered into US Military trials in late 2015 as a replacement for the M240.

General Purpose MG


Kravi Solutions was able to cut the weight of their crew service M114 package to 8.3kg (18.3 pounds), this was achieved through a new light weight and robust gas system, feed cover, open-bolt and carrier, as well as a cold-forged fluted barrel coated in Kravi Solutions proprietary 'Sabra' heat reduction coating. All while keeping the 7.62x51mm caliber NATO standard intermediary cartridge.

Assault/Para MG


Wanting to remain competitive, in the trials, a dual role M114, the M114AP was created. Further weight reduction brings the gun to just 7.5kg (16.5 pounds). Done by using a smaller rail and shorter barrel system. The stock and grip were kept, as well as most of the rails. All models have the interchangeability and modularity with both stocks, pistol grips, and removal of the compensator.

Coaxial/Heli MG


Kravi Industry's MAG/240 Heli-pintle conversion kit was applied to a GPMG. Coupled with a larger front Iron sight post, and high-temp compensator, and a riser kit for red dot systems. A fixed Active/Passive IR painter was also installed for use in night operations.

Finally, a coaxial version was completed for the sake of the trial programs.