The M144 series

The M144 series was created solely for extreme environment resistance, while retaining the reliability and accuracy of less durable rifles or carbines.


The M144-T1 is the first of the M144 series, and this version specifically tends to the needs of the soldiers on the desert front of war. Featuring simple controls, massive durability, ability to function when filled with sand, an anti-sand jamming mechanism, and extreme accuracy at mid to close range.

The M144-T1 fires off a basic 5.56 NATO round, which does not pack much of a punch against armored opponents, unless it is fired at extreme rates. Luckily, the M144-T1 sports such a ROF. The M144-T1 fires at 850 RPM on average.

Along with extreme fire rates, the M144 and its counterparts are fitted with many spaces for railing and many other customizations. They come default with iron sights. A fully adjustable padded stock helps reduce the recoil, along with a compensator to help as well.

Weapon Design

The weapon comes in two configurations; the standard conventional layout and the bullpup layout. Both designs each come with their own strengths and weaknesses. It was designed in different layouts in order to suit individual soldiers according to their preferences and the mission requirements.

Capture 167 (M144-T1 Desert)

The standard layouts for the M144-T1. From top to bottom; full-length assault rifle variant, carbine variant, and bullpup layout. Note the device protruding at the rear of the rifle; it is the anti-sand device, which enables quick weapon takedown and assembly in case of sand entering the weapon.

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