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The M-50

Weapon Name: M-50

Type Weapon: Sub Assault Rifle

Country of Origin: USA

Caliber: 5.56x19mm NATO, 5.56x45mm NATO

Mag Capacity: 30-40 Round Magazine

Select Options: Semi Auto, 3 Shot Burst, Full Auto

Suppressor Select Options: Not Suppressed-Suppressed Fire

Introduced In: 2135

Service Length: 2135-Present

Standard Accessories: ACOG Scope, Foregrip, Barrel with Built In Suppressor


During the world's First Zombie War, the United States Military was getting slaughtered due to their weapons being too long or heavy to evade oncoming zombie hordes. They needed a smaller compact weapon that could allow the user to move faster and kill their enemies with accuracy and sooner than they thought, a company known as Furey Technologies developed the answer to their prayers. The M-50 was the answer these soldiers were looking for and when they started to become manufactured, no other soldier would engage zombies without the use of the M-50 Sub Assault Rifle.