Used and seen in the hands of Navy SEAL Teams and multiple Police forces across the world, the M4A1 TSOPMOD (Tactical Special Operation Modifications) has seen action since the ultranationalist takedown of 2011. First distributed to firing ranges in Ten Palms M2A1 Abrams manufacturing center in 1996, this variant of the M4 comes equipped with a QBU-22 Suppressor, a 1.33x "Quik-Shot" Red Dot Chevron, and an M203 Grenade Launcher, commonly holding the M7E2 Practice Launcher before engagement. After the capture of Manuel Noriega, a Cuban druglord, it was sent away to Britain for Prototype use, where it was known as the "FNG". Some years later, the S.A.S. Group "Division 718" used them in the capture of an unknown Russian-descent Terrorist. Now, it is used at many US firing ranges for military use, and practice in simulated Covert Operations. Distributed to South American countries, it holds 15mm plastic BB rounds, used for holding back riots and vicious crowds in unstable cities. Used by Police Forces, the "Anti-Riot" also carries a Tear Gas spring operated 25mm grenade, that explodes when approximately 4 feet from the ground, able to disperse any crowd.


Notice the two sets of grenades and ammunition. (Left) Is the anti-riot set, with Tear Gas and plastic BB's. (Right) The hostile Military edition, featuring a 30mm spring-loaded grenade.

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