Lazah Firearms Type 338 Rifle!

Yes, we have finally made an AR-15 based assault rifle. This gun has removable iron sights, and comes with a small gift that we will get to. This weapon is made to fire .338, which is "okay" for assault rifles. With a friendly barrel
Lazah Firearms Type 338

Happy, AR-15 lovers?

conversion, you can fire 9mm (great for clearing buildings, but mid range situations should be reservered for .338). This gun fires at 750 rpm, glorifying it as a mid-range support weapon.

Custom Scope!

The Type 338 also comes with a nice suprise, The Lazah Firearms VZ
Lazah Firearms Type 338-RF

Swagalicious rangefindier scope!

RM (Variable Zoom Range Marker), not only

giving you a healthy zoom level of up to 5x, but designating an enemy's range. It also has a modified Accu-Shot system installed, making sure your shots won't miss as much. The sight is "basic", though okay for convential sniping. The rangemarker can be switched from meters to feet to yards.

Lazah Firearms LR-RF

The sight and range meter.



Lazah Firearms Type 338 Rifle

Complimentary Screwdriver

Lazah Firearms VZRM

3 .338 magazines and ammo

Cost: $1,500 (cheaper materials were used).

Ammo refill: $200

Most expensive attachment: VZRM at $150.

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