The K8 Krukov (MG like AR and SVD-style sniper. )

K8 Krukov 2 variants

The one ontop is MG style variant, one below is sniper variant.

It's a machine gun style assault rifle made for the Support Division, and PMCs.


DoC (date of creation): 12th August, 2012.

Cartridge: 5.45 Soviet

Caliber: 5.45x39mm.

How it was made: A LGB Inc. scientist was playing Saints Row The Third (COPYRIGHT) 11th august, and he liked the idea. Then he decided to send the data to the headquarters.

Features (Rifle): VLTOR stock, rubber grip, 200 round belt + box mag, M203 grenade launcher, Mueller QuickShot 1x33 red dot sight, AK74U receiver by stock.

Features (Sniper): FAB Defense stock, AK74U receiver, mag, and grip by stock, SureFire M900 grip, and SVD scope.

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