LAC-9, base weapon in 9mm configuration

By Captain Crusher

WARNING:I know this concept is ridiculous and totally unrealistic. Please read at your own risk, and don't comment about it.

The LAC-9 is a heavy weapons platform using a combination of a canister of compressed liquid or gas and conventional ammunition. This weapon can use many different ammunition types, allowing it to be used in a variety of roles. The standard weapon comes pre-equipped with a 4-6x magnification scope. With the pistol caliber configurations, the magazine is fed through a foregrip.


The forward portion of the weapon (the 'normal gun' part) uses a blowback system to fire and ejects from the forward left side. The canisters, inserted through the magazine well of a modified F2000 lower receiver, are locked in place by pressing the button directly in front of it after screwing it in. In order to use the canisters, the switch behind the scope mount must be flipped up. Then, the material inside the canister is injected into the bullet via a small tube leading into the chamber. The yellow canister contains napalm, which can be used with tracer rounds to create a flamethrower effect, though it is not advised to use multiple canisters in rapid sucession. The blue canister contains a classified explosive compound which-when it makes contact with a surface or person-causes a small explosion. The orange canister contains a chemical that burns at 1300°C when it strikes something. Each canister lasts about 90 shots before reloading. The butt-plate can also fold up to reveal a spare smaller canister holder.


LAC-9, base weapon in 5.56 configuration

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