The BPSMG-2, best known as the SMG that tamed .50AE

The L.A.T BPSMG-2 (Light Arms Tech BullPup Sub Machine Gun-2) is a SMG in the popular BullPup configuration. A rather remarkable SMG as it chambers the powerful .50AE round, best known for use in the Dessert Eagle Pistol. Utilising a 32 round Casket Mag this gun is able to carry moderate quantities of powerful ammo.



Compact BullPup Design

800RPM rate of fire

Rotatable grip for the shooters comfort

Comes standard with red dot sight and laser pointer for precise aiming.

Guarenteed 15,000 rounds fired before anyform of stopages.

Round has enough power to penetrate Kevlar Layered Body Armour.

Weighs under 3.3 KG's when loaded

Soldiers Testimonies

What follows are actuall soldiers testimonies after being equipt with the BPSMG-2

"I was amazed a how managable the recoil was... I've shot a Deagle and it was hard to control, but....but this was almost easy"

"My squad and I were trapped in the open, surrounded by Insurgent forces and heavily outnumbered. Using this we were able to cut through the enemy's body armor and regroup with the main force"

"I thought that due to the fact that it uses such a strong round, it would be incredibly loud....but oddly enough it was no louder than an Pistol"

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