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Kaizen Surge Twin Barrel Modification is a twin barreled selective fire GPMG by Kaizen Corp. Based off the Kaizen Surge GPMG, it involved merging 2 complete, separate bolt, barrel, and gas systems with a single trigger system. It uses a short stroke gas piston system, and fires from the open bolt. In addition, the operator can switch between twin and single barrel mode with a secondary safety on the top half, switching the Surge TBM into single barrel mode will disable the whole upper portion of the firearm, so it would only fire from the bottom barrel. Features include a FG42 style side fed design, quick change air cooled barrels, and 10 rails (8 of them side mounted). It also utilizes a over-under barrel configuration, for better overall accuracy, especially in semi-automatic and single barrel mode(s), and fires from an open bolt for better cooling under repeated firing. This GPMG was purposely made slightly heavier on the right side to compensate for possible imbalance caused by the increased weight of the side loaded magazine from the left side. 5.56x45 NATO and .50 BMG configurations are being considered, along with a side by side barrel configuration for vehicle usage. Due to its weight, its often used for defensive oriented missions, and usually carried by 2 men (although it could be carried by one).

Credit for the Fire Selectors goes to user FrostRC.

It was designed in response to the CH-2MG.

1st Generation

With SR25 20 round magazines, detachable carry handle, an AN/PEQ-15, and a Trijicon ACOG 6x48 scope.

Weight: 36 lbs (around 16.34 kg) (unloaded). 38 lbs (around 17.24 kg) (loaded)

Barrel length: 508mm

Length: Around 1020 mm

Caliber: 7.62x51mm NATO

Capacity: Various magazines, including 10 and 20 round magazines from SR25, SCAR H, and HK417. 50 round drum magazine from HK417.

Accuracy: Below average to average

Firing Mode: Safe, Semi-automatic, full auto

Effective range: Around 1500 yards