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This is a company idea created by 66mazda

Basic Summary

Kaizen Corp. manufactures firearms, firearm parts, and ammunition. The company's headquarters are in the country of Japan, specifically the city of Toyota City. Manufacturing also takes Kaizen Corp.'s main philosophy, widely used by their parent company, Toyota Motor Corp, is called Kaizen, hence the name. This involves all the staff identifying problems and making small, but continuous improvements. The company will appreciate competition, because management and labor alike agree that "Competition is good for the economy, our company, their companies, and the consumer". Their motto is "Always there, always now", formerly "Compromise is Scary".

  • 1937: Toyota Motor Co. is independently established
  • 1938: Kaizen Corp. is established
  • 2010: 66mazda becomes chief engineer

Current Logo Description

Credit to Bing445 of the SAS Conception Wikia

The arrow stands for continuous improvement.

The red circle represents the Rising Sun of the flag of Japan, signifying the company's nationality

Blocky letters signifies the reliability and supposed simplicity of Kaizen Corp. equipment

Weapons Design and Use 

Kaizen Corp. manufactures a wide variety of weapons. All weapons are painted the color scheme preferred by the customer. Civilian weapons will be painted white and will have a 5 inch wide red stripe down the middle of the weapon if the customer desires it. All Kaizen Corp. weapons will have the word Kaizen before the weapon's actual name.

Kaizen Corp. does not use direct impingement due to reliability concerns, and is advocating for the revival of .280 British.

A designated marksman rifle and a semi-automatic rifle mainly differ not in their design, but in their usage and intended purpose. A DMR can be a sniper, but a dedicated sniper rifle cannot be a DMR, as a DMR user accompanies other soldiers using assault rifles, SMGs, and carbines while providing long range support, while a sniper rifle sees use in dedicated, small sniper teams working independently of others. A DMR thus can be use in a sniper role if packs enough accuracy to get the job done.

A DMR is a battle rifle in my eyes, although I might be mistaken. Scout rifles are better off being grouped together with DMRs rather than snipers, due to their emphasize on general use and not on long range specialization.

I will also be grouping snipers and anti-material rifles together.


1) Sniper Rifles/Anti-material rifles

2) Assault Rifles/Carbines/PDRs and rifle caliber PDWs

3) Designated Marksman Rifles/Battle Rifles

4) Sub-Machine Guns/PDWs

5) Pistols

6) Shotguns

7) Rocket and Grenade Launchers

8) Survival Rifles

9) LSWs/Machine Guns/Miniguns


1) Ammunition

  1. Kaizen 10GE Shotgun Shell
  2. 13.7x108mm Kaizen
  3. Kaizen 12GFF Shotgun Shell

2) Firearm Technologies

3) Special Forces

4) Weapon Families

Other Conceptions by 66mazda but Unrelated to Kaizen Corp.


  • Thanks to TheGeneralB for some of the names (especially the Japanese inspired ones and WWII era names)
  • Thanks to FrostRC(F) for the Fire Selectors, used in many of my designs.