KWSI MK27 Siberian BLizzard Camo Scheme new

KWSI MK27 Siberian Night (C-09)

KWSI MK27 C-09 Yukon new

KWSI Yukon (C-08)

KWSI MK27 C-08 Boznian

KWSI MK27 Bosnian (C-06)

KWSI MK27 C-03 Estonia

KWSI MK27 Estonia (C-05)

The KWSI MK27 is a heavily modified M4. Using a new upper reciever. It also has 4 firing modes Safe, Semi Automatic, Fully Automatic and 2 Round Burst. It comes in many color schemes but the only ones it ever had while being used in combat where the following C-09 Siberian Night, C-08 Yukon, C-06 Bosnian and C-05 Estonian.

Designed for MARSOC, DEVGRU and SFOD-D it was classified as the MK27 by the Navy and the other services adopted this designation.

The weapon has a chrome lined 8.7 in barrel (220.98mm) and instead of firing the 5.56x45mm M193 or Nato M855 it fires the K-247 5.56x45mm round which uses a barrel with a 1:4.35 twist increasing needed accuracy due to the barrel being so short. 
KWSI MK27 XC-06 Serbian finished new

XC-06 Serbian Camo still under development

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