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The K-45 is a 7.62x51mm NATO Assault Rifle/Battle Rifle. It externally resembles the AR15 and still retains the same charging handle. However it uses the barrel and gas block of the M14 , although it is turned upside down. It also uses a new short stroke gas actuated piston system. It also uses the magazines of the M14.

It does not have the intergrated rails on the M1 and M2 versions. In the M2 version the iron sights and flash hider were changed and improved.

It was marketed as a cheaper and more reliable alternative to the SR25 and M110 sniper system to the United states military but was rejected due to the proficiency with the AR15 with troops. The Phillipine, Nigerian and the LIberian Armies have adopted this rifle in small numbers and it proved effective in the Nigerian Civil war helping the government maintain peace and control.

The K-45 is the standard version used as an assault rifle the K-44 is a carbine variant and the K-46 is a Designated marksman variant.

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