Caliber: 7.62x51mm NATO

Action: Gas operated, rotating bolt
ZPVfJ (1)

The CX-457 in assault rifle config

Overall length: 1045mm

Barrel length: 455mm

Weight: 5.98kg empty

Rate of fire: 600 rounds per minute (900 with feed cover modification)

Magazine capacity: 30 rounds (Can accept 100 round belts with feed cover modification)


The CX-457 is JNDynamics first innovation in weapons technology that really hit the markets and made JNDynamics a known name. It is a battle rifle, which can be turned into an all-purpose machine gun on the field with the correct tools. It also features a shifting counter weight to help control recoil. This, combined with the weapons moderate weight makes the 7.62x51 round kick like a puny 9mm SMG. There are kits for M249 Light Machine Guns to turn them into a CX-457, or you can buy them as a whole from JNDynamics.


No country has put this gun into service, while it is highly popular amongst Private Military Contractors.

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