Darkness Arms - Fallen Sword

Darkness Arms - Fallen Sword Mk.II


Well, with the majority of designs on here being presets, I thought I'd upload some of my recent work to show you how to go about this PMG thing. And I'll even give you some code to work from.

I must say, no editing programs were used. In any way. No Paint, No Photoshop, no Fireworks, just pure Pimp My Gun.

First, we have the Darkness Arms - Fallen Sword Mk.II. Made 80% out of shapes, with a few preset parts thrown in. Everything's shaded, everything's outlined.

Blood Angel

Blood Angel

Second is the Blood Angel. I've used a load of blending and shapework in with some simple creative parts useage to create a very unique rifle.

Deftek - Groundspike

Deftek - Groundspike

Third, the Deftek Groundspike. A lot of the base of this gun is about taking random parts, rotating them in new ways, and blending together with shapes to create a good looking rifle.

9SR - Kingdom Command

Kingdom Command

Fourth, the Kingdom Command 7.62x54R battle rifle - a mix of shapework and clean lines, as well as some crafty layering and a nice background - as with all the others, all PMG.

9SR - Airbolt Mk IV

Airbolt Mk 4

Finally, the Airbolt Mark Four. I've set this aside as it's a little different from my usual techniques, this one uses a lot of blending and shapework, but also a great amount of preset parts. Even rifle casings take part in this design.

I bet you're thinking 'How does this help me?'

Well, I'm going to be nice and give you some code to play with. Go to PMG, click 'Import' paste this code and press the import button. Then ungroup this thing and see how I made it. Both the link to the code and a picture of the gun are below. Thanks for reading, please comment!



Here you go!

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