Essentially A liscence Built TDI Vector but it has key differences such as being able to fire .50 AE Thanks to its aeavier weight it however during trials lost to the Light Arms Tech BPSMG-2 (essentially a bullpup .50AE MP5A5) due to it weighing slightly more and jamming at 12,000 rounds which was later discovered to be a magazine fault, and the second time with good mags jammed at 13,456 rounds however it is common with SWAT and Counter Terrorsist Forces World Wide.


A IPDW In Standard "Factory" Configuration.


Cartridge .50 Action Express

Length 710mm

Effective Range 200 Meters

Maximum Range 500 Meters

Rate of Fire 805 Rpm

Weight 3.7 Kg (8.151 LBS)

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