Halcyon Weapon Systems produces weapons for LE and the military. It was formed In 2018 and has been going strong ever since. Featured here are a few of their products.


A brand new pistol design that uses weight saving material to lighten the pistol and uses the long thought abandoned 10mm Cartridge.


The IPDW uses the high powered .50 AE round with a weight of 8.151 pounds to manage the recoil and is useful for taking out targets with body armor and comes with a built in red dot sight.


A IPDW In Standard "Factory" Configuration.


HEAR (Heavily Enhanced Assault Rifle) is a brand new design incorporating odd features normally not present in assault rifles and combining them in a new design.


A HEAR idle.

MK50 MOD 0 - MOD 1

An improvement to the aging M249, it uses more reliable components than the standard M249/MK46/MK48 platforms. It comes in either a folding MOD 0 OR A synthetic MOD 1


A MK50 MOD 0 unleashes several bullets on its targets.


A MK50 in a different configuration sits idle loaded

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