The VAC HMR-58 Bronco or Heavy Marksman Rifle delivers a healthy dose of Death Extract with every shot. Designed in 2014 as a Marksman Rifle that fired 7.62x51's we instead created a marksman rifle that fired 7.62x58HVAP rounds. Now seeing service with 6 different countries as a DMR we've had reports of British DM's shooting at tango's like one report of an Australian DM kill an ISIS PKM gunner and his head exploded with this round and rifle. It sees service with the Canadian JTF2 but renamed as the HMR/58 "Moose" like how they have a C7A2 instead of an M16. It's a pretty sweet gun and is sold to the civilian market as well.


Civilian MSRP: $4,500


Weight: 7 pounds unloaded 8.6 when loaded

Cartridge: 7.62x58 HVAP

Effective range: 500m

Death Extract: Yes

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