Winner of M107 replacement competition 2015

The HAMR Mk.1 or Heavy Anti-Materiel Rifle Mk.1. This was built for a competition by the US Army to replace the aging M107 anti-materiel rifle. It it is semi-automatic and has a 10 round magazine.

It is capable of disabling an APC, it can punch through just about anything, and can kill from a mile away. The HAMR Mk.1 was designed for a sniper in MOUT (Military Operation in Urban Terrain ) to be able to support ground assets if need be. The M107 isn't well known for it's accuracy with the .50 BMG. So at Valhalla Arms Company we designed a new round, the M3440 Mk.2 High Explosive Anti Material Penetrator a 13.8x103mm, we wanted to design a round that FITS this gun like the .45 does to a 1911. It can punch through a Texas Barrier fulfilling it's anti materiel purpose it's basically a Raufoss .50 BMG but packing %150 more power. It weighs about 24 pounds loaded with just the 20x scope and Harris bipod, 15 unloaded with nothing on it.


- Total weight: 24.3 pounds

- Total range: 1.5 miles

- Ammo capacity: 10 rounds of M3440

- Penetration capabilities: APC, light-heavy cover (Plywood to Texas Barrier), any soft target (combatants), and buildings,

- Overall Length: 35 inches

- Barrel Length: 19.5 inch.

- One man operation

- MSRP: $15,000

- More compact than the M107

- Comes in a two-tone tan/black currently for the conflicts in Afghanistan and against ISIS shi**ers

- Direct impingement gas operated closed bolt.

Planned camo schemes

-Cerakote Multicam

-Kryptek Mandrake, Nomad, Typhon, Yeti, Raid, Highlander, Altitude, Banshee, and maybe Neptune for the USN.

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