Gas Operated Block Bolt System

These Firearms were made in 2006. Based off the Vz. 58's bolt, the GOBB uses a block bolt with no receiver above, meaning less friction for higher rates of fire and reliability of the receiver. Using Chronium and other strong materials, the GOBB system is used in Smith Firearms.

Examples Of GOBB System

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The SF-32 was designed to be based of the FN FAL, and passed the expectations for a conversion from an old Battle Rifle. Currently chambered in 7.62mm with conversions to 5.56mm NATO's.

The SF-33 on the other hand, was a bullpup version of the successful SF-32. It was a average firearm considering the center of mass problems and its heave 7.62mm round's recoil hitting you right in the shoulder. It still achieved just above profitable sales, though.

The SF-34 was a Light Machine Gun made to use the GOBB system. It fared fairly well considering that it was slightly heavy for its size (even for a LMG). Using a slightly altered GOBB, this LMG had ranges up to 800m and beyond (And had flip up long range sights.)



The SF-60 was a slightly odd weapon. Using the GOBB, it operates via bolt action for more accuracy and went for rather standard furniture and looks, making it look quite odd compared to most other firearms.

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