Furey/Colt M-150
Introduced & Produced: 2013-Present
  • Furey Technologies
  • Colt Manufacturing Companies
  • Ammunition Type: 5.56x45mm NATO
    Feed System:
  • 250-500 Round STANAG Magazine
  • 4000 Round Linkless Belt
  • Type:
  • Heavy Machine Gun
  • Assault Rifle
  • custom(?): No

    The Furey/Colt M-150 is an adaptable Heavy Machine Gun and Assault Rifle. The weapon was first issued to soldiers of the Black Beret Corps starting at the beginning of 2013.


    Although the Dillon/Aero M-134 Minigun is a reliable weapon, soldiers needed a way to lift it on the battlefield like an assault weapon and fire a smaller round to drill holes into their enemies. The FC M-150 is one of the weapons that topped the list and although it is the length of a Heckler & Koch MG36, the weapon packs a very powerful punch when it is used. This weapon can also be mounted on vehicles such as helicopters, tanks, humvees, even civilian vehicles.

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